Project Highlights

Ownership:Up to 95%
Project Status:Application
  • Known Carbonatite with proven REE enrichment.
  • Geological mapping and surface sampling show promising total rare earth element oxide (TREO) mineralization in monazite and bastnaesite, with low uranium and thorium levels.
  • Rock chip samples (55 Grab samples taken)  reveal highly anomalous surface values , with the highest grab sample assaying 6559 ppm (0.66%) TREO, and an average grade of 1280 ppm (0.13%) Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) content.
  • Rock chip samples are enriched in Neodymium (Nd) and Praseodymium (Pr) oxides which average 29% of the TREO content and makes this a very encouraging basket distribution.
  • Follow up program planned – systematic channel sampling, scout drilling for depth extent.
  • Close to Lusaka (90km South) with great road infrastructure 
  • Awaiting Licensing for further work commencement.

This greenfields project has had very little exploration performed on it, but was identified as a carbonatite by Bailey (1961). Bailey also reported monazite crystals present at Kesya and within the sampled coarse grained carbonatites, REE as total REO ranged from not detected to 2% averaging 1% while in the carbonatite breccia it attains 4%. Source cited below.

Note that the historic assays have not been verified by Antler and the selected samples referred to are not necessarily representative of the mineralization hosted on the property.

For information on previous work, results to date and future plans, please refer to Antler’s recent Management, Discussion and Analysis (MD&A’s) and Press Releases.
References: Bailey, D. K., 1961. Intrusive limestones in the Keshya and Mkwisi valleys, Northern Rhodesia. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London, Volume 117, pp. 419-46.

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